Wk. 3 Day 2

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 1, 2017

      Sometimes I have a substantial amount time that my brain says you want to, you need to feed me more nicotine. What; Where is this coming from? Because I don't need no stickin' cigarettes. I think it's my brain on drugs, because I'll always be a nicotine addict. So I wait and as sure as the elders have said it passes. The fist that was in my chest loosens it's grip on my lungs. I can breathe easy again. For an undetermined amount of time.        It's all good. It'll make you feel alive that's for sure.


      I've been getting my BG (Blood Glucose) back on track for a while now. I was eating more often because of my quit. I don't mean to not take responsibility for my own actions. It's just that I just quit smoking 3 wk.s and 2 days ago. I think the weight can weight. I read that some where a long time ago. Probably some of the old blogs here. But the diabetic part of it cannot wait. Being that that all goes hand in hand with each other, what's a girl to do. So I've been taking charge to get things back in check a little more aggressively. It takes several days for my BG  to "show up" what I've been doing. So I keep on pressing on. Diligent in my walking on the treadmill, here at home. I keep eating healthy and healthier meals. Controlling portion sizes. Drinking a good amount of water all day. All of these things will bring it down naturally. I just started on the insulin shots 23 days ago. So It is taking some getting use to. My doctor is in the finding the right dosages for me stage right now. I go see her again this Monday, I can't wait to see her. I have a great doctor now. I just found her earlier this year. So glad I did.


      Oh, I read something about mentors here. I need a mentor. I want a mentor too. Please, will someone pick me up. Or let me know the process. I'd just love to have a mentor(s). Thanks in advance.