My Day 20

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Jul 30, 2017

    Today marks the end of my 2nd week free from smoking. I am embarking upon the start of my 3rd week. I've read about so many good things happening to my body at this point. Just an exciting time to quit smoking. I guess I needed to realize, hey your not invincible. You are sick from cigarettes. COPD is a tough thing to comprehend. No turning back. A progressive disease. I am understanding more and more as I read about COPD. Not being able to catch my breath is very scary business.

    Unfortunate that it took this illness to wise me up enough to finally quit. I thank God for his mercy upon me. If not for Him, I don't even want to think about where I'd be. Right now, this is one of the proudest times I've ever been of myself. And, I've had a few moments over a life time, that I can be proud of myself. I realize how wonderful it feels to be a non smoker. Being a non smoker is something I've always wanted to do for myself. Now I'm doing not just thinking about it, fearing it. I'm actually doing it, by His Grace. Thank you Good Lord. I give credit where it is due. I know by myself I am not strong enough. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    If I don't quit smoking, I was only given around 18 months, the doctor told my mom as I sat and listened. He answered all of the questions we had. He was a very nice doctor. I appreciated his honesty and his candor. As I focus on getting myself into better physical shape, I will also be reaping the mental health benefits from exercise as well. Lifting weights helps me blow off that steam I have, if I have any built up. The cardio is just fun all the way around and so very good for me on many levels. Wish I could bottle that feeling up and take when needed

    I feel as if I have taken so much for granted. I surely do not want to waste another moment. Sure I could give up. throw in the towel, say I've only got so much time....But; I ain't going out like that. Fight, fight against the dying of the light, that's my motto. Funny cause I never had a motto before, lol. But I do now evidently. It feels good to be alive, to be thriving today, here with all you good people. No one knows when their time will come. So I'm just concentrating on living one precious moment at the time. One day at the time. It's all a work in progress and it is all good.