My 18th Day

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Jul 28, 2017

    I did a 1 mile walk, today. I'm still getting use to insulin injections. Getting my BG back into acceptable ranges. I'm worried about my organs for it being so high for so long. It is finally starting to come down a little more yesterday and today. All the exercise and water. What is making it high, and I said this last week as well, I'm eating more often. Eating instead of smoking. I don't want to eat myself into the grave either. I've been pushing away from the table. Eating smaller portions too. I want to thank all those who gave me advice about it last week. I haven't been grocery shopping yet = no fruit. Probably a good thing I'd eat too many grapes and cherries, lol.  So Just going to cut back on intake. I'm adding more exercise. I was walking 10 - 15 min. Now the 1 mile walk is 20 minutes just inside, not on the treadmill.


   This is my day 18 of freedom from smoking. You know I still have a foggy head at times with tingling and butterflies in my stomach when I think of smoking. I've had waves of craves recently. I am proving to myself that I am handling the craves with a more logical way of thinking instead of all physical and emotionally unstable feelings, lol.  I know I had to go through it to get to it. If the good Lord brought you to it, He will see you through it. And I am finding the more I can trust and give it to God, the stronger I am. God is Awesome !!!