15 DOF Down & Building on Day 16

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Jul 26, 2017

   I think a touch of Insomnia has come back because my sleep wake cycle has been interrupted. Never the less I've been reading a lot here. Commenting on posts. Researching, where I've been in my quit, where I am now and what to expect for the future. Kinda odd for me. I usually just take one day at a time. I just needed a bigger picture of where am I now. I still am going to take one day at the time. One situation at the time. One wonderfully deep breath at the time as I need. I'll be keeping up with what is working for me. Distraction and laughter and drinking water has been the best medicine so far, for me. 


   So I ventured out by myself a little while ago. I knew I could trust myself to not buy &/or smoke any. I was right. I'm usually with my mom or my daughter when I go any where. But this time solo trip. Happy I did it. Although it is not as empowering as I thought it would be. Only because I don't know how long I could trust myself being in temptations way. I am so early/young into this quit. I still feel very vulnerable. I know that I don't want to want to smoke. Mostly I just plain ole simply don't want to smoke. Because I can breathe easier/better already after 2 weeks and 2 days. I do wonder how good it will feel to breathe after say 2 years. I imagine myself with a lot better lung capacity. I know the doctor told me the damage that has already been done cannot be undone, but my lung capacity can improve with diet and exercise, especially cardio exercise will help me the most.


 I started on the treadmill just a couple of weeks ago. 5 minutes once a day. Now I am working on between 10 and 15 minutes once a day. I am getting back into going to the gym for my weight training too. I have more endurance with the latter. I do light weight, a lot of reps, going slow and steady feeling the positive and negative burn. Adding the cardio is the hardest thing because it is so hard to breathe which fatigues me. But I already am showing myself progress. That makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel good about myself all the way around. I'm actually taking and making time for myself to be healthy. It is a challenge. But it is worth every bit of effort I put forth. 


I wonder if I am biting off more that I can chew. Then I realize how slow I am going. I guess it is balancing out. It's all good, right.