My Day 12

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Jul 22, 2017

I really love this site so far. I'm getting plenty of distraction while learning and hopefully helping a little too. I'm trying to utilize the site more. To learn how to get around better by exploring. Reading and posting to others is really helping me grow not only as a non smoker but as a person as well. 

I am feeling pretty good about today. Got a lot accomplished today. I love productive days. Where you can tell you got things done. No matter how small or simple, I don't let them get by without being grateful I could get it done. I am truly blessed to be getting things I want/need to do, done. I try not to take things for granted. Every accomplishment counts. They all will equal up to make a great day, a great day, ya know. 

I am so happy I quit smoking. Everyday is new territory for me. Opening my eyes wide and looking to other people to give and to get support. So happy the pangs in my chest are few and far between now. Although I still think of having a smoke, I don't entertain that idea but for a second before I'm doing something, anything else. I made my mind up that that is over. No turning back. At first the first couple of days, day 1, day 2 and maybe some of day 3 I would say I don't want to want to smoke. Then just over night it seemed things changed for me. I said I think I can do this. I think the worst part is over. It should be just psychological from here on out. I learned that so much more goes on in our system for a while, not just 3 days after quitting. I think our bodies must continue to repair itself for years to come. So cheers to the years to come. Here's to making the best life choice I've ever made.

I smell better internally and externally. I taste things better-everything is more flavorful. The sense of accomplishment is amazing to feel, almost like endorphin's at times. Breathing is better. Already the tightness in my chest has released some-enough for me to notice. So again, cheers to the years to come.