Masking the Effects

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Jul 13, 2017

    I want to introduce myself to y'all. Hello everyone, my name is Cathy. I'm sorta new here. I'm 46 yrs. old on July 18th. Been smoking for 34 yrs. Yes I was around 12 yrs. old when I started smoking. I just got out of the hospital. The second time in a year and a half, for not being able to breathe. I've just been diagnosed with COPD. That's all I know.       I've quit smoking. I am a NON smoker! I am proud of myself for making it a priority this time. Probably because it is so hard to do anything because it is so hard to breathe. Why didn't I notice that I couldn't breathe before all of the damage to my lungs? My theory is that every time my blood vessels and arteries returned to normal is when I would "have to have" a cigarette. It was masking the effects so to speak. At least that is what I think. My innards feel fluttery, tingling and like butterflies all inside. My organs are finally getting oxygen that they have been so desperately deprived of. I feel a since of accomplishment for taking the first step. Now to keep up the good work. To keep a since of positiveness is key for me. I think that distraction is also key for me. I want to stay on the right path. I want to focus on what I can do, what I'll be able to do and how positive motivation can get me there. 

    Good luck to us all, we're all in this together.