Blog Post created by ShellCecil on Dec 27, 2018

I am so thankful I stumbled onto this program the other evening.  I love it so far! The Tracking feature alone blew my mind... If It would only reply things like... "Do U think U need another one already?" 

Or maybe "Don't let That bother U... Suck it up buttercup!"    LMAO

(honestly.. I prob throw my phone!) Haha


I guess I could count my daily total of Smoked text to see actually.. but I am down to 2 packs of cigarettes A WEEK now.  I buy them on Payday and they've actually lasted. My home and work are smoke free zones. And I don't really enjoy but maybe 2 of them a day.  The rest of them are triggered.  

So glad I'm here and thank you so much for all the support I've gotten this far. 

Have a blessed day Y'all