How To Post A Countup Clock On Your Page

Blog Post created by ShawnP on Jan 27, 2013

* With new platform, Jan. 2017, we no longer put countup clocks on our pages. Here is information to find your quit stats.


Go to one of the links below.


Put your quit date in and click to get your code. (html code)


Click on copy..



It will highlight the html code and copy it for you.


From you home page on Ex, click on "Go To Your Page"


Then click on Edit your profile...



Right click and paste the code in your brief description box



And click to save. Voila!!




***When using webgamedesign and's site for clocks, they are oversized and will block messages on your message board. It has to be sized down. To do this, copy the code to wordpad.


Change the numbers down to something like  Width 360. You can remove height="XXX" 



Then copy new code on your profile.




For you only need a portion of the HTML code. Please note that the bolded area will change for each person. The Italics section will need to be added to format properly.


<img src="" alt="" style="border:0" width="360">