Trying again .....

Blog Post created by Sarahhlj on May 3, 2018

A couple of people have asked how I’m getting on so...

I hold my head in shame, I gave up for 3days!!! Carried on smoking and breastfeeding. Since then, I have weaned the baby off breastfeeding slowly, over the last two weeks and started Champix this morning! I know there will be the haters out there who say breast is best however I gave up with Champix for 5 years, years ago and started again one drunken foolish night so I know it works...for me! (Plus: my daughter has had a bottle at night for a while as a hungry baby and has took to the transition very well)

I figure giving up smoking will benefit all of my children, more, in the long run than breastfeeding for an extra couple of months. I am still determined and I not looking at my failure as a bad thing but more a stepping stone. My quit date is the 12th which is 9 days into the tablet taking. In the meantime I will be cutting down and thinking to the future.