NRT.... to do or not to do.

Blog Post created by Sarahhlj on Apr 18, 2018

I have tried many many times before to quit smoking. The last few times it’s been with the help of Jason Vale or Allen Carr (both geniuses) However the last few times I’ve lasted hours rather than days. I’ve come to the conclusion that actually, as much as Id like to think it is....

giving up smoking is NOT easy! I’ve felt weak even contemplating using NRT because after all “you wouldn’t give a heroin addict heroin to quit, would you?” these words still ring loudly in my head. 

On the other side of the story: 

NRT allows you to retrain your thinking whilst not having such strong cravings.  


Being a breastfeeding mother there are sites that condemn NRT (you are still feeding your baby nicotine) and other sites that whole heartedly support it (NRT is better for baby than smoking)


truth is, I do not believe I can give up without help! I KNOW that it’s hard to quit, I have already fought nicotine withdrawal, lost quickly and gone back to smoking 30 a day quicker than the nicotine has left my body! So this time I am armed with a patch and I’m ready to take on the voice in my head.

I’ve realised that this is MY journey. Just because Allen Carr doesn’t recommend patches does not mean that i shouldn’t use them. Just because one website condemns NRT whilst breastfeeding does not mean I should not use them. And just because I’ve failed so many times before does not mean that I will fail again this time!! 

So patch on, 1st day done and feeling optimistic.