Complete Freedom Feels Amazing

Blog Post created by SarahC-03-10-2018 on Jun 11, 2018

I'm on the 94th day of my journey and it feels amazing!!! I started out using Chantix about 8 days before my quit date. I also started my quit using the patch as well. About a week into my quit I felt so depressed that I quit using Chantix. I continued on with using the patch. It didn't completely take away all of the cravings but it gave me confidence that I needed to get through. I am now on my 17th day without the patch and I feel great! It has been surprisingly easy to go without them. I didn't have any cravings for nicotine like I thought that I would. It has been nice to take my kids swimming at the pool and the beach and not have to worry about losing a patch. I am completely nicotine-free!


I'm a week away from making it to the TDC!!! 93 DOF