30 Days!!!

Blog Post created by SarahC-03-10-2018 on Apr 9, 2018

As of 11PM last night, I am at 30 days! I haven't had one stinking cigarette in 30 days! At the beginning of my quit I was already preparing for that one craving that would be so strong that I would have to light up and smoke. I had one cigarette left over from my last pack that I held on to in case of an "emergency". I knew it would be stale if I had to smoke it and thought that would make it easier to not want another one. I was already giving myself an excuse. The thought of NEVER having another cigarette absolutely terrified me! I felt sad that I was closing such a big chapter of my life. I was a "Smoker". Everything I did was scheduled around my next nicotine fix. 


Today, I am throwing away my stale "emergency" cigarette. I am sick of hearing the little voice in the back of my head that says "now would be the perfect time to light that baby up".  


While I am not trying to get ahead of my quit, and I know that there is still a long journey ahead of me, I am so pleased that I have come this far.