Day 10

Blog Post created by SarahC-03-10-2018 on Mar 19, 2018

Today is the 10th day that I have woken up without rushing to smoke a cigarette. Today is the 10th day that I didn't light up as soon as I got in my car. Today is the 10th day that I didn't smoke as soon as I finished breakfast. 


I feel like my circulation is improving as my limbs are not falling asleep as quick as they used to. My sense of smell is getting better too. I love that when I let my hair down at night, it still smells good and not like cigarettes.


I am so glad that my husband has quit with me. It is awesome to have someone so close that understands. He has been my rock. Everytime I have felt like slipping, he has been there for me. 


Yesterday was the easiest day so far. I don't feel quite as anxious today as I have, but the day is still young. Smoking or not, I still hate Mondays. lol