Learning to breathe through the craves

Blog Post created by SaraPeach on Sep 4, 2018

I'm more than halfway through day 6 and feeling pretty good at the moment. I've had some ups and downs throughout this week and a few smoking "thoughts" today, such as "I should go buy cigarettes," or "it sure would be nice to smoke right now," which I have learned to counter with things like "I don't do that anymore," and "One cigarette may be somewhat nice, but I can never stop at just one." I'm learning to breathe through these thoughts and cravings. The fact that I quit before for 9 years has been a major help in this quit, because I remember that life without smoking is way better than life as a smoker and I remember that I went years and years without even contemplating picking up a cigarette. In fact, for the past 8ish years, I couldn't believe I was ever a smoker. I am so glad I am no longer wasting so much money every day on smoking and I no longer have to feel guilty about going outside for a smoke and leaving my cat (she's my baby and we're basically attached at the hip).