Day 5 and I feel great!

Blog Post created by SaraPeach on Sep 3, 2018

Just checking in. Im nearing the end of day 5 and feeling good! Today was pretty easy. I feel soooo much better now than I did while I was smoking the last 4.5 months. I sleep better, I dont wake up feeling like absolute crap, I can breathe better, I have way less anxiety, Im actually motivated to be active and work out again, Im eating healthier again and I do feel like food tastes better already, my appetite is back to normal (when I was smoking, I often would not get hungry until the evenings). I no longer have to worry about smelling like an ashtray around people. I no longer have to feel super guilty and ashamed for wasting $6 or more on a pack every day and for doing something I knew was terrible for me. I'm so happy I quit. Life really is better as a non-smoker.