Echoes of Harlem

Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Dec 8, 2018

Ever since Missy's blog this morning about musical instruments and tallent, I've been trying to figure out how to share something from Youtube and by golly I figured it out!  OH LUCKY YOU GUYS, LoL!  I want to share with you all, if you have time, 2 videos of the Whiteland Community High School Jazz Band from 2014.  That's the year the band was invited to participate in the Essentially Ellington Competition in New York City!  The first video talks about the program.  The band played 3 songs, one of which features my son on trumpet (that song is, Echoes of Harlem, and is smack in the middle at marker 7.30).  The other 2 songs are good and all but.....I just really want you to hear my son, Chuck Myers.  But first, here's the video of what it took for them to get there!  Enjoy!

On the Road to EE: Whiteland Community High School - YouTube 

Cool right?!

Here's the actual performance.

Essentially Ellington 2014 - YouTube 

Here's my son with Wynton Marsalis after winning an award for best trumpet solo! 


He's 23 now and just got married this summer.  I still puff up with pride when I watch this stuff.  I know this has nothing to do with quitting smoking OR maybe it's a ploy to get you through that craving that won't slack off!?


Bored in Indiana,