Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Oct 28, 2018

Recuperating from double knee replacement surgery is hard work, much like quitting smoking.  I really didn't know what I was getting myself into.  Yes, I figured it wouldn't be easy but I never thought it would be this hard!  I am right where the doctor wants me to be in the mending process though.  I just wasn't prepared for how hard the simplest, everyday task would be....  I often feel sorry for myself but it was my choice to do both knees at the same time so I just need to suck it up....  I'm getting better at walking, I don't have to lean on my walker with all my might anymore.  I go back to the doctor in 6 weeks.  I have PT 3 times a week and have to do my exercises 3 times a day.  I hate that part but know it's very important for my recovery.  My quit is 71 days strong, I feel really good about that!  I only have the occasional crave and they are pretty easy to get through.  I don't even think I'd call it a crave because I really DON'T want a cigarette, it's more like a memory or a quick thought that passes through my head.  I hope everyone has a pleasant, peaceful Sunday!  Enjoy and take care!  Thanks for listening.


PS:  That's my cat Elsie, she's a hoot!