Terrific Tuesday

Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Sep 4, 2018

I'm still here and I'm still quit!  Today is day 17!  I actually had to look at my quit counter because I lost track, I think that's a GOOD thing! 


I feel like I'm entering the next phase in my quit.  In the beginning, my WHOLE FOCUS was on NOT SMOKING so everything else was being ignored.  Mainly my eating habits (not that they were great before but I had a little willpower).  I'm going to the grocery today for some healthier options.  I can not continue down this path or I'll be looking for a whole different kind of support group!  Besides that, I'll be laid up for sometime after my knee replacement surgery.  If I can find healthier options to snack on now, by then I'll be good and used to eating better....surely.....maybe.....hopefully.


My daughter and I are going to a macrame class tonight at the library.  We're both looking forward to it!  Something else I can do with my hands that don't involve food.  I need that.  


Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone!