"Someone" and day 4

Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Aug 22, 2018

     I had a rough time last night.  Small spat with the husband after dinner.  Went to my room and watched Netflix until bedtime.  I'm really nervous about going to work today.  Although I worked the weekend and made it through, a certain "someone", that gets under my skin, when I did smoke, and who gets the weekends off, will be there today.  I'm already getting anxious just thinking about interacting w/said "someone".  I'm going to tell them I just quit smoking so they better stay outta my face......wait, that won't work.  Bringing it down a notch,  I'll say:  I just quit smoking so if you could NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN, EVER, THAT'D BE GREAT!  That would feel good but I need to bring it down a bit more.  I think I'll just not talk to "someone" at all and when they ask why I'll say, I quit smoking and I don't want to hurt you.  I'll let you know how that goes.  I'm also expecting a call from the doctor's office to set up my knee replacement surgery.  It'll be sometime in October as the doctor is booked till then.  I thought about calling in so I wouldn't miss the call and didn't have to put up with "someone" but I can't hide forever.... 

     Wish me luck getting through my workday w/o killing "someone"  I will NOT let "someone"  take away my 4 day quit!  I've worked too hard for it!  See you when I get home.