Early stages

Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Aug 19, 2018

Closing in on day 2.  I keep reaching for my pack of cigarettes that aren't there.  I felt like I was forgetting something all day at work.  Just now, typing this, I thought, I'll have a cigarette.  I can't wait till they aren't the 1st thing I think about when I get up in the morning or get in the car.  I also, unconsciously, find myself clenching my teeth.  So much so that my jaw aches.  I'm sure it's the stress of going through these darned cravings.  I think, this time, it's more about the habit than craving an actual cigarette because I don't even enjoy smoking anymore.  I'm sick of coughing and wheezing so loud I wake myself up at night!  I'm off work the next 2 days and I'm going to get some sort of craft going.  I used to crochet and needlepoint or maybe I'll dust off the macrame beads and bring that art back!  I'll take all the prayers/good vibes you have.  Keep my husband in them too, everything he says or does seems to makes me feel like killing him!  (not really but really).  Goodnight all.