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Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Aug 18, 2018


I'm Sara and I'm just hours into my quit.  I worked an 8h shift today and made it through without caving.  I thought I was handling it pretty good but more than one person asked me if I was okay.  No, I'm not but I will be, I said, telling them I quit smoking today.  They could tell something was off, I guess it was written all over my face.   I struggled with many cravings today but stayed strong.  I'm a little mad at my husband right now too.  He asked if I had a rough day?  Yes, I quit smoking todayyyy, remember and it's not been easy!  His reply:  I'm not telling you to smoke or anything but maybe you should cut down first.  He said the same thing to me last night, when I told him I was nervous about quitting but I pretended not to hear him and let it slide UNTIL he says it again, on the way home from work.....  "That was an awful thing to say to me once, let alone twice!", I told him.  I'm sorry, I didn't to say all that but once I started, I couldn't stop.  So, good luck to me, good luck to you and good night!