A new Life Worth being Free!  

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Aug 6, 2020

This little guy was born during the beginning of the pandemic of Covid 19.    I was lucky enough to have been able to welcome him into the world on March 26th.    It was just his mom, me, and then him.....Ezra Gray !!!! 

Sad that he could have no visitors, and I could not leave the hospital or I would not have been able to get back in.  

I was one of the best moments that life has to offer......the joy of watching one of my very own grandchildren entering into this world.......  Unfortunate times, yes, but oh my gosh!   He is so beautiful!  

The fifth of my grandchildren, but the first for my husband ( ex ) who is so in love!   

One thing this little guy will never have to know is that his grandmother was ever a smoker...... 

I am blessed! He is healthy, a little talker and mover!   Life is good!   God is good!