So much for Enough is Enough

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Mar 3, 2019

Well, I haven't been doing to well in the losing weight department.  I think it has something to do with how much I like food now that I am a 100% free true quitter!  It could also be the thyroid medication I have been on for the last 9 weeks, as I have been reading up on that and it is making sense to me.  

It also makes it pretty hard when you throw a roast in the crock pot, smother it with slices of onions and top it with loaded carrots, because my son says I never put in enough carrots, (apparently he loves cooked carrots more than I ever knew)  lol!   

Mashed potatoes, a preference rather than cook them in the crock pot with everything else.  

Moving around in and out of the house today.... the gym first thing this morning....come home, Mmmm!  Oh that wonderful smell starting to fill the air throughout the house.  I think I start gaining ounces just from the smells!  

Leave and go visit mom in law with my son, and take her to lunch and Los Amigos!  Yum.....!  I behaved good, (almost) knowing full well I needed room for that roast I was going to go home to for dinner.  Yes sireee!!!!!   I cannot resist the smell, the taste of all the flavors of a roast in the crock pot!  Nope, not me!   

Yes, that roast was so good, we can't stop saying it the whole time we are eating it!  Wishing we had more room to put seconds down.....But that will wait until tomorrow's work.....Mmmmm, I can hardly wait!   


But the fact of the matter is......still, no amount of weight gain, or weight loss, will ever make me turn around and go back to that addiction!   I win, each and every single day!   All 532 days of Not One Puff Ever!