Being absent.....

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Nov 6, 2018

Hey there everyone, I haven't been around much lately, I try to get here, and if I do it's been a very short visit!  

I have been struggling a bit with the whole daughter wishing me dead, whew!  This is a real hard one for me!  I know I got a lot of great support from some of you, but I'm still struggling with it.....

Also, my company was sold, and everything is changing, for the better, but here I am a dinosaur, trying to bring this office into the 21st century, by myself.  Corporate office is in Romulus, and training has been little.  But I'm learning, slow but sure on my own, with short calls to the support staff in Romulus. 

They are great people to work with.  

I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll try to get back here more often as soon as I can, but hey, I am still a chain "non" smoker !  Yep, still an Elder, and I see some who are counting down  Yay!  Be proud, because I am!   

Checked my stats on my phone recently and I now have not smoked 8,313 of them nasty sticks, and and saved $ 2,140.85 by being quit for 415 days now!  I really don't even think about it anymore!  Only that I 

can't believe I have finally succeeded!  Never give up!  You can do it!