10, 9, 8........

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Sep 7, 2018

And the last stretch is upon me!   Today, with only 10 days to go to my 1 year quitiversary, I have my Pulmonary appointment at 10:00 this morning to find out the results of my CT scan from last Saturday!   I haven't really thought of it too much since last Saturday, and I am not really nervous about the appointment !  I am much more excited to be counting down at this point of my quit journey!!!  

This by far has been one of the best journey's of my life, becoming free from this addiction.  I know I'll never turn back, and honestly, I am one of the lucky ones I believe, that don't even think about taking it back up in the future, but I know that I will always take care never to let it control my life again.   

I can't get sassy about this, because it is an addiction, and I know all about addictions, having dealt with many throughout my lifetime.   I know that the cost of ever picking one up and putting it to my face would be the ultimate way to fail my quit!  Please remember that once you decide to give up on your quit, think very hard before you do, because it will mean going back to the beginning, and starting all over.  Just one puff is all it takes and you will have to start all over, so please don't do it, please come here and vent your reasons to your pals here, your new EX family!  Don't fail your quit just because you think one puff is all you need to get you through a rough patch.  That is your brain speaking to you by way of the nicotine addiction.  

Don't let it play with your brain. You have to show nicotine who is the real boss now!  Because the more you knock it down, the more free you become.   It's like training a child to ride a bike, the child keeps getting better and better.  You too, will get better and better each time you crush that thought or craving. Like a child learning to ride a bike, keep pushing on through the craving/thought of feeding this addiction.  You will keep getting better and better. One day you will be able to lose the training wheels, just don't forget the helmet!  


Sandy 355 Days Of Freedom