My Florida Trip

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Aug 14, 2018

Ok, so Florida, was a very magical experience for me, with all the hot humidity, sudden rain showers, and little leaping lizards too!  Ha Ha!  They were everywhere, and not sure I have named the little creatures correctly, but they looked just like tiny little lizards!  I wanted to bring one home with me because I thought they were so cute!  

The people I stayed with, they had one that hung out on the ladder of their RV daily, doing his push ups, with a little red thing that popped out under its chin!   They named him Carl!  But I still think it was a Carlotta!  lol!  

So I would get up every single morning, except for one, and take a great power walk.  The first day I did this, I was dripping wet with sweat, and forgot my inhaler, butmade the walk 2.9 miles without it.  Yes, I did that!  I was proud of me, but I made sure my gals never let me leave without inhaler again, as I still can't get use to grabbing it to go with me!  I have to change this, somehow. It scares me when I can't breath well.

We went to all four of the Disney World places, and I truly felt like a kid again!  Especially at Animal Kingdom!  The tree of life was amazing, and the Bugs Life show, just awesome!  Never ever did I see 3D show that well before!  I was laughing and trying to grab those little bugs!  HaHa! We all walked a total of over 10 miles that day, and still....never saw all of it! I will be sure to do only one park at a time if I ever go again. 

The ocean, the ocean breeze, and the ocean birds that faked being dead on the sand blew my mind! Finding the starfish in the shallow edge of the ocean, picking up tiny shells for my daughter to make jewelry, how warm the water was, and just the mere beauty of the ocean, WOW!  Breath taking!

Chartering a boat to go out fishing on our last day there, and finding out my stomach can't take the wild ocean waves while sitting still....Oh well, I loved it just the same, and I did have the first catch before sticking my head over the side of the boat, twice, haha!  But I made sure THEY caught our dinner before taking me back in, because I knew that once that boat started taking us back in, my stomach would be right again!  And it was!  

I will never forget the fresh feeling of a shower and then walking out the door to go somewhere, and feel drenched with sweat the moment of stepping out the door, and wanting to take another shower or go jump in a pool, which oh ya.....was like bathwater!  

All in all, I had a lovely time for my first time in Florida, and can't wait to go back again! 

The one really good thing I am happy about, is that I was around 2 smokers the whole time I was there, and there was not one time I wished that I could smoke!  NOT ONE!  I know that when I hit that one year mark, I will stop counting, because I truly am and EX forever!   

I am a chain NON smoker forever, and happy to be!