90 Days until......

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Jun 19, 2018

90 days to go before I reach the 6% club!  I am so excited! 


I am at 9 months quit now, I have been through some major stress as of late, not to mention, still trying to figure out the belly bloating issue, and working on finding my own cure for it, and what works for me, just might help someone else if I can figure mine out!  


9 months was when I quit on my one and only quit, some years back!  I let stress control my thought process and thought smoking would help!  The only thing it helped was, I continued to smoke for some more years!  The stress was still there no matter what!  I don't fight the stress anymore, I know it's going to be there whether I smoke or not! 


But through it all I know that I am 100% free from this addiction, and that I can call myself a "ChainNonSmoker"!