Early Morning Ride

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Jun 6, 2018

Oh boy!  It was 50 degrees out this morning.  Nice, clean, crisp fresh air to fill my lungs instead of smoking outside on the deck! Way cool! 

Yes indeed....what a great morning to ride my bicycle to work!!!!!


I work in an office, so I packed light office clothing and light weight shoes, rolled them up perfectly so they would not be wrinkled and could change out of riding clothes when I got here.  I sort of wished while I was riding that I had worn a sweatshirt, but by the time I arrived, I am really glad I didn't.  The gloves on my hands were a good choice though!  I can't believe I did this in 50 degrees, but now I know I can!

I am a non smoker, and this morning I rode 4 and a half miles in 22 minutes!  I am so grateful for bike paths on the side of roads now, and the headlights and tail lights that I purchased for my bike.  My son who works construction gave me a reflective vest, and so I felt relatively safe riding on the road vs. sidewalks. (I also wear a helmet)  I will try to do this more often while it's cool out.  Heat doesn't seem to be my friend this year!  It has never bothered me in the past, but it does now!


Have a great day everyone!  I know I will! 


Sandy 262 DOF