Pulmonologist Appt.

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on May 30, 2018

Well, I finally got an appointment with a pulmonologist! And why is it that when I type that word out, it underlines as if spelled wrong?  LOL! 

Friday morning tests run at 7 a.m. and then right in to see the doc for results right after!  

I am pretty sure COPD  is going to be diagnosis, and hope it's not too serious as of yet!  But recent very humid weather sent me packing right back indoors, as I felt like I couldn't breath when I walked outside!  Does anyone else get this?  I love outdoors, and heat has never bothered me in the past.  Since I quit smoking 8 and 1/2 months ago, I find that I have a harder time catching my breath at certain times, like when eating, or having a conversation, and I never noticed this when I was a smoker.  Am I just maybe more in tune to myself than before I quit?  

All I know is I am so happy being free from that addiction!  I feel like it is a miracle that I did this!