Belly Bloat & Protecting Your Quit

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on May 31, 2018

So a while back I blogged about Digestive Track issues, and today, I tried one more time to put a google on it, and came across this site!  


Why can't the doctors explain this to quitters??  You would think they would be able to help, but the fact of the matter is.....because they aren't able to give answers to us quitters out here, many people will go back to smoking because they cannot handle the belly bloat that happens. 


I often have spoken those awful sounding words...... "If I could smoke just one cigarette, I know my stomach would feel better"  Yes, that is probably true, but then I wouldn't be a quitter now, would I  !?  

I have been suffering for quite some time now, but I will not go back, not ever, to that addiction just because of some very uncomfortable belly bloating!   It is seriously an issue that will come to most who quit, so it is my greatest pleasure here today, to share with all new people joining, as well as those who are here already, to not be discouraged, because belly bloat will not kill you, not like smoking will.  Yes, it's true! 


I have now had 4 good days without any major belly bloating, and I credit it to me not taking any vitamins, or probiotics, or stool softeners, no citrucel, no fiber powder, no laxatives, nothing at all, and trying to eat better things throughout my day (for the most part, I have always been a healthy eater)! But then last night, I decided to try taking a couple of citrucel and a magnesium on the account that my system is moving slowly again!  Case in Point!!!!! This morning, I got up, took my dog out for a run, ( been doing that all week, morning and night, because my son is on vaca ), I felt pretty good after drinking a few sips of coffee, and then in the shower, IT HAPPENED!  I got a little belly bloat, not a ton like normal, but still a little!   So no more taking anything for me!  

Here I sit this morning at my desk at work, and guess what is going through my mind?  Not work, but my belly bloating!  

I have been crying for a couple of months to my doctor about him getting me into a Gastro doc, and they are (haha) BACKED UP, too! No pun intended.....well maybe a little!!!!   And what to my surprise did I find today?

I found this blog forum!  All kinds of posts about it!  So I am offering it up to anyone here that might be suffering from this problem as a result of smoking!    Mainly, because I do not want to see anyone let go of their quit because of something so uncomfortable.  Do whatever you can to protect your quit from this serious enough issue, but do not go back to smoking!  There was a young lady on here who quit very close to the time I did, and she was having stomach trouble, and I do believe it was from quitting.  And she seemed so determined to become a 6% member with me, and then POOF!  She was gone!  I think about her often, and hope she will return one day and try again, but I do believe she gave up on her quit due to this issue!  I don't want to see anyone fail on account of this problem that most quitters will go through, but being a woman, and 57 years old this year, I do not want to look like a pregnant grandmother!  So I offer up this little website I found below!!!! Happy Reading, and Happy Quitting!   Some offer up some things that have worked for them, and some are there looking for answers to the problem.   Find whatever works for you, and if you're not sure about things that are offered, be sure to check with your doctor first, BUT,  protect your quit from this common issue from quitting!   Hugs to all! 

Thank you for reading and my apologies for the length of this blog!

Sandy   256 DOF



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