Hey all you Newbies!

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on May 2, 2018

227 Days Down - 138 To Go!

Hey all you newbies coming in and starting a new quit journey.....I just wanted to share with you my journey, in hopes that it could somehow help you in yours!  

I had (yes, past tense, "had") this addiction for 43 years, right up to the point of being told I have some ground glass nodules in my lungs.  That is so scary even up to this point of my quit!   I will be having a new CT scan in June!  I am rather nervous about it, but I will take whatever comes, and I will accept the results whichever way they may go, I don't really have a choice.  

I hope that all of you newbies succeed at quitting, and never have to hear those words, (if you haven't already)  from your doctor.  Or that you have C.O.P.D. which is something else to live with according to many here.  

It's been a good journey for me......and I have read your blogs in the beginning of your journeys, and I think to myself how lucky I have been to have not had to struggle in my quit.....I think maybe my brain is still in shock over hearing those words "spots on lungs"  much like when labor stopped as they told me "your baby's heart rate is dropping rapidly" while trying to deliver my last child.    You sort of fall into a state of mental shock and everything shuts down!  Ya, that's me! He is 21 and healthy now!  


When I first quit, I began having major digestive issues(I'm still having them)....and then there was the beginning of weight gain (20 pounds now)  When I saw 155 on my scale last week, I got in the shower from the scale, crouched down and started bawling.......But here's what you must tell yourself.... First things first, you must tackle the quit....get stronger in your quit.....because you don't want to go back to start over, just because your body is adjusting to your quit. You have already come this far, why turn back now!?  If you quit cold turkey, and are past 72 hours, you are free from nicotine..... Simple as that!  If you use NRT's, of course that is another story! I don't have much experience with those! You can move on to losing weight after your quit strengthens.  

Many times I have said to myself and others, even to my doctor, if I could just smoke a cig, I would feel so much better.  Let me let you in on a big secret?  THAT IS A HUGE LIE...... because then I/you would be addicted again, and have to start all over at day ONE!  Not happening here and hopefully not for you either!  Every day we do not inhale smoke into our bodies is ONE day WON!  

We have to remember that we did this for so long, that our bodies have to be allowed ample time to heal, and they WILL heal!  But our bodies did not get this way from smoking over night, and they will not heal over night! 

Live by the N.O.P.E. and SINAO statements, and my favorite, "I do not do that anymore" I used this a lot, still do, but now I find I am actually saying "I'm so glad I do not do that anymore"  


I can tell you that you will fall upon stress, and it will send you into a tailspin as to what you want to do, and believe me, I've been there a few times lately, and I have seen some of you there too, but I keep coming out on top because it is my choice to stay quit now!  Make it your choice too! Because I am so willing to protect, and also (I have some pretty important people I care about in my life that would absolutely be angry with me for starting back up, and they have told me just how angry they would be)  Scares me right into protecting my quit every time!  I hope you all have people like this in your lives!  


I feel for each and everyone of you new comers, as I read your blogs, and hear you struggle through the beginning of your quits....(I was fortunate not to have to live with the hard craves) and I say to you, it IS so WORTH fighting through every single crave, and every single moment of your journey to stay quit!  It is also so important to stay here, not just to receive support, but to offer it up to those who are struggling, and to those who are just coming on board.  Offering up support to others will help keep you honest and stronger in your own quit!  

I don't get here often enough, because I do feel so strong in my journey, and don't feel the need to get support, but if you are not that strong and struggle, I can't stress being here often enough!  This site was the mainstream of my beginning to being the successful quitter that I am.  It will be that for you too!  

I find joy in watching my numbers grow.  The amount of money I have saved and how many sickarettes I have avoided, the number of days, that just blows my mind!  I am over half way to becoming an Elder!  Joining the 6% club.  Wouldn't it be great if the 6% club grew into a 10% club?  But I'll take 6% because I love every minute of knowing I will be a part of that club! 

I love the celebrations here!  They celebrate so many successes!  AND the way they celebrate is just amazing!  Use the tools my friends....They work! 

I also find joy in the friendships you make here!  Everyone along my way has been so supportive, kind, and willing to offer suggestions and encouragement.  This is just a great place to quit!



My name is Sandy, and I am a quitter! 

227 Days Down - 138 To Go!