There's NO good Reason ......

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Mar 15, 2018

To ever pick up a cigarette!

My youngest daughter who has BPD  (Borderline Personality Disorder)  challenged my quit, but my quit won!  

I thought about it ever so briefly, how easy it would have been to calm myself by smoking, but then I would have lost all my days that I have behind me!  It did come to mind though, and I even talked about it to my significant other!  

This girl is one of our biggest challenges, and if I ever failed, it would be because of her.  But, I know I won't fail!  If I won the battle of that thought yesterday, I will continue to win it with anything else that comes my way.....because I know this, and you should too.....picking up a cigarette in times of stress is not going to do anything but blow your quit, and cause you to have to start all over!  And as soon as you would put that nasty thing out, the stress would still be there.  

So keep telling yourself that!  There is NO GOOD REASON TO EVER PICK UP A CIGARETTE!