The Straw Test

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Jan 26, 2018

I was thinking about something that my oldest son taught me to do as a test back when I quit for the 9 months that I did.

Seems like so long ago now, but ......out of concern for me that I smoked back then, he said "mom.....take this straw.....and put it in your mouth......and only breathing in and out through your mouth and not using your nose at all, breath only through the straw, in and out.....for as long as you can......


Well, I'll tell you, that is not an easy task whether you smoke or not.......but he said to me......that is how it will feel 

if you ever lost lung function,  or get emphysema, or COPD......


So I challenge those of you struggling with your take this little just may not like learning how it feels to know exactly how a person with COPD or Emphysema feels and who knows, it may feel even worse for them than this test.