Happy Thanksgiving!

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Nov 23, 2017

To all my new found friends here in the EX Community, a very blessed Happy Thanksgiving Day! 


I was blessed to have family here in our home for the first time in many years....and also blessed to have my first 

holiday of many to come being a non smoking fool!    

We only had one smoker here today, and even she did not go out as often as would have if I had been a smoker.

I am not pressuring her, but I am telling her just how good I feel and that it is easier than one might think, given the right tools.


A plus note:  My son does not need to have any surgery on his hand....the tendon is fully functional, but now it is just a healing process, a long healing process.


I hope you all enjoyed your day!  


Love and Peace!