Tough Weekend

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Nov 20, 2017

Well, my significant other, he was sick all week, they said pneumonia, but turns out just a very very bad cold.  Thank God for that.  Unfortunately I finally came down with it on Thursday, left work shortly after I got here, and went home medicated myself, and went straight to bed!  

That night, my 21 year old son, was selling a phone on Facebook Marketplace, which is where he bought it from, and the guy who sold it to him, said it was an unlocked iPhone.  Turns out it wasn't and then we could not get the guy to make good on his "call me if you have any trouble" statement.  So stuck with a $200 phone that he couldn't use, he listed it for $175, and included that it was locked by Boost Mobile.  Someone called him about the phone, and he went to meet them at a gas station, and ended up with a gun in his stomach and got robbed of the phone.  My son was smart enough to leave all of his belongings in his car locked.  But having a gun shoved in his stomach out in public, where there were people who just minded their own business, was pretty scary.  They got away and my son proceeded to leave the scene, called his dad while he was going to drive home, and his dad told him to call 911, and go back.  So long story short, he described them on the 911 call while he was driving back to the scene, and by the time he got there, the police had already picked up the pair of thieves, and now we wait for a court date.  The phone was trouble from the second he bought it.  So yesterday we decided to get busy on the rest of the baseboard (getting ready for Thanksgiving) and the same kid, yes, my son...  decided he was going to help us, and took an injury to the hand, landing us in Emergency, saw blade, top of hand between pointer and middle finger, down to the bone, and damaged a tendon, they say just slightly, (praying not serious, as his job is laying ceramic tile)  but they did pull a bone fragment out.  It was just not that kid's week at all.  He will have to see a hand surgeon soon. 

Another long story short..............Not once did I even think about getting through any of this by smoking!  It wouldn't have helped, and I know that.  So happy to be free.....not even counting the days anymore!  


Have a safe week all, and please pray for my son that he won't need any surgery, and that he heals fast!