Happy Friday!!!

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Oct 20, 2017

I hope you're all ready for the weekend, I know I am.  Tonight, my significant other, (not sure what to call him)  are going to check out a gym that I may want to join.  I am gaining weight so fast, and as much as I want to blame it all on eating, 

I also think that the Wellbutrin that I have been taking for a month to aid in my quit has also contributed to the weight gain.  

I know that antidepressants can do that to a person.  But I am optimistic about being able to join a gym and perhaps tone up what I have gained.  I have a small frame, and last year I weighed a whopping 117, that was pre baby weight

times 5 babies!   I was way too thin at that time, because everyone said I didn't look healthy.

But I'm up almost 20 lbs now.  Working it into muscle would be awesome.  Not sure how well that will go with my ACL partially torn, but I'm about to find out! 

Anyways, I am usually not around here much on the weekends, but I will try to check in, especially if I find myself struggling now that I am in NML!   You are all, always in my thoughts! 

Breath Easy, Breath Deep !  There is no reason to do anything else but breath clean fresh air!  


Peace all!  


Sandy - a.k.a. Happy Quitter 

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