Day 1........

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Oct 15, 2017

Day 1 of my 5th week....couldn't be more settled in to this new way of life without the weed holding me back! 

I feel amazing, even weighing a little more, I still feel amazing!  I can do things much easier already, without the struggle for air! 

And I know that my lungs have a long way to go before doing even better than I feel already! 

I love that I don't have to waste time anymore away from things I do on a daily basis, and yesterday I spent time with two of my grand daughters, and didn't think once of needing to find time to go outside to kill myself with smoking.  I am so glad this journey is going smoothly.  I talk to my family about my quit, and how certain things do cause me to think about that habit I use to have.  It really helps, and they are happy to listen.

It doesn't happen often, but I have found that when I am all alone, I get some

strong urges to smoke, and  I expressed this to my significant other, and he said it was how I would pass time because I was alone.  So I plan on finding something to do with somebody so that I am not put in that position. I was alarmed at how strong the urge was when I have been alone a couple of times.  So far in these past 4 weeks, that is the strongest any craves have been.  

My nose is working better these last few days, I keep coming in from outdoors and there is something smelling in my basement.  Nobody else can seem to agree that there is something smelly, but I can smell it! Not sure why, but it smells like cat urine.  We don't have cats!  Never have, and never will.  Don't get me wrong, I like them, but just would never have them.

Hope everyone is doing well, and staying true to their quit!  I may not be here often on the weekends, but I do think of you all, often! 

I'm told that I am entering NML now, so I have more reading to do on top of everything I have been reading.  Will see you all on the blogs!



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