Checking in..........

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Oct 12, 2017

Well.....I figured I better check in with everyone, keep myself honest, because I

have been pretty laid back and quiet!  Been busy, and still struggling with the tummy

and digestion track issues! 

I'm coming up on a whole month though of being FREE!   That sounds so good!

Getting ready to join a gym, because not smoking has already saved me $130.00.

Wow, I can't believe how much more than that I am saving though, because when

I did stop in to pick smokes up, I would buy other things as well, cause you know

you need gum, and then maybe a snack or who knows what!  I've probably already

save and actual $180.00.   The money I am saving will pay for a membership at the


Yep, Saturday will be 28 days for me!  The craves are pretty minimal, I don't seem to

have to even fight through them!  They come and go so quickly when I do have them.

I breaks my heart to see others struggling with the cravings. I sure you hope you all

can find your way here for the great support you'll need to get through those craves.

This site has been so good for me!  I am so glad it is here for me to turn to, especially

to come and just help support others! 

So anyways, stay in peace and stay strong, and (((HUGS))) to all of you who are strong in

your quit, for all the support you give to those of us who may be struggling more or less

and on any given day! 

I will try to check in a little more often just so nobody is wondering if I failed!  N.O.P.E.

That's not happening! 


Love to all.....


Sandy 26 DOF