The Struggle is REAL!!!

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Sep 27, 2017

Today is day 11, and I find myself struggling....but.....


Getting ready for work in the morning use to go like this:

Wake up go upstairs and hit the deck for 1st of the day.....

Drink coffee......Grab a shower....then hit the deck again.....

Go dry hair.....head back up and hit the deck again.....

Finish getting ready for work and go pack lunch.....

Pack car for work, and have one before getting in car to leave......

(I never did it in my car because I hate the lingering smell)  

Get to work, and stand outside of car and have one more......


Today I forgot my medicine...(Wellbutrin)  I am having phantom

smells today, and there is nobody here at work that smokes.

This morning I found the struggle being very real for the first 

time, but I coped through it, I kept telling myself, "you don't do

that anymore"  and it worked, because I don't do that anymore!


I am 11 days completely nicotine free and will not give in to 

the weed! 


Have an awesome day everyone!  Deep breaths.....fill those lungs with

clean fresh air!