Dreams!!! :(

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Sep 21, 2017

Good morning peeps!  Deep breaths of good clean air! Mmmmm! I am at day 5 now!     


Well, I had a dream last night...that I was using my vaping device, which I put away and do not use at

all, and in my dream, it wasn't working properly, and I was not happy that I couldn't use it!  It was a

short dream and I really didn't think too much of it, until I woke up this morning. 

I gotta say, when I did wake up, I did not think about the dream at all, but was actually for the first time,

since I quit, really having to fight the urge to want to smoke.  Guess what???

I did fight it, and that urge passed..... It is really a mind game that nicotine.....a demon that I suppose I

will always have lurking around corners, events, places I go.....I am really enjoying the Allen Carr book,

and it could be why I was dreaming, because I was reading it right before I went to bed.

I am stronger than ever this time though, I have nothing to cope with except my fight to stay nicotine free. 

There is no other option but to fight the demon that has controlled my life for too long now!

I will enjoy my new found FREEDOM each and every day from here forward.  43 years is too long

to let nicotine control ones self! 

Have a great day everyone!  I have a busy day at work, but I'll be back!  Stay strong and keep fighting!

You all got this!