Day 4 & Feeling Great

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Sep 20, 2017

Good day everyone!  I hope all is well with you all! 

I am absolutely feeling so good about quitting this time, I feel like I haven't smoked in

a long time already.  Not sure if this is a good thing, or if I should be more on guard

that it is going this well! I am doing the reading as much as I can, of all that has been


I am not even missing it at all, and the small amount of cravings pass so quickly, I

hardly even know I have them.  Quick thought?....then gone!  And still, only after meals.

I am feeling blessed that this is going so good this time around, but worry a bit, that

all of a sudden it will hit me up! 

I am in such a good place in my life, for the first time ever, really!  No stresses ....just

a peaceful feeling that has come over me within the last year! 

I woke up last night throughout the night with a raspy irritation in my throat, couldn't

seem to pass the phlegm by coughing.  Otherwise, I have been hacking up some awful

looking crud, and I assume that it is natural to expel some junk from the lungs or chest

or wherever it comes from .... EWE!  It's pretty dark and nasty is all I know!

Maybe the small nodule they found on one of my lungs has something to do with this

quit. brain is finally telling me no more....NOPE!  &  SINAO! 

(I saw these two words in some of your comments I have read. I like them! 

Anyway, I am on my 4th day now!  I am feeling great, and I am going to just go with

the flow and be here to receive and give support to those of you who may be struggling. 

I am going to take in lots of clean fresh air and just keep enjoying all the good in this

fight that I am winning!  Deep breaths....for every craving that lasts only up to 5 minutes

or less. 

Happy Quitting!