35 days and counting

Blog Post created by Samsgurl2018 on Dec 3, 2017

So I'm 35 days smober and it feels great. I did have some pretty strong cravings this past weekend but I got through them because of all of you. I went back and read no man's land blog again and it helped me understand and commit to that 130 days as well as forever! It was stupid because I thought maybe if I got a vape it would calm me down. No way am I giving in! I bought hard candy to keep in my purse and my room. I even bought candy canes for when cravings come up again. Lol plus this one app on my phone said I've saved $173 so far. I plan to use this money for a special Christmas for my daughter and I. Long story short, my previous landlord kept all of my Christmas decorations from over the years not to mention we lost furniture and everything. So this weekend, we found a beautiful couch that we're going to buy for our Christmas present. We bought some decorations but not a whole lot. This motivated me to keep my quit going plus I loved the look on my daughter's face when we decided to buy this awesome couch to be the first thing that helps us to start over again. I always say this but I'm so happy you all are here for me. My excoach even was nice enough to send two more weeks of nicotine patches because I'm just not ready to let go yet. I'm probably going to write more blogs in the next year. Whatever works right? N.O.P.E!!!