One month smobriety!

Blog Post created by Samsgurl2018 on Nov 24, 2017

So, today is one month from the time I quit. I remember smoking my last cigarette and thinking that as I read Allen Carr easy way to quit smoking that I didn't even enjoy it. 

Today, I was around people who had been smoking and it just bothered me with the smell  My sense of smell can pick up a smoker from a mile away. I am a little concerned sometimes that I would slip even though I can't stand the smell. I've been staying close on here and even talked to my ex coach tonight. 

I'm going to stay positive and still keep N.O.P.E in my head. I can also pull up my x-ray results that are online with my doctors office and realize what the result of smoking is and how bad it could have been for me. I also calculated how much money I've spent on prescriptions since I got sick all year off and on. Over $400 so far for just prescriptions and doesn't include my doctor's visits. I'm grateful I have you all for support or I think I would of gave up. It's reassuring to know we are all going through this together and here for each other. 

I can't wait to blog on here about my 6 month quit. It's already so great to be a month smoke free! You guys are awesome and I couldn't do this without you. Here's to another month of smobriety!!