19 hours without a cigarette!

Blog Post created by Samsgurl2018 on Oct 28, 2017

It's been 19 hours since I had a cigarette and honestly, I can't believe I'm blogging a post that has how many hours since I've smoked. Lol I am wearing a 14 mg patch but it's not bad until the cravings come on. I didn't think they would with a patch on but they do and I just tell myself N.O.P.E.! I've got a chance to make myself healthy again and damnit I'm going to do this! I have been coughing but I guess that's normal. I went to the library today and checked out some funny books and I've got my coloring books ready because I know it's going to happen again and again. It's not hard when I'm at work but at home, it is a little more difficult to overcome the craving monster! But I've not smoked a cigarette since about 1030 last night and I know this is the first step to becoming a new healthier me! I got this!