This weekend is hopefully my nope weekend!

Blog Post created by Samsgurl2018 on Oct 26, 2017

Hello all, I haven't been on here for awhile but I have been reading Allen Carr's book. It was very enlightening and made me understand what I need to do. I am doing two things that he said not to do and that is to use nicotine patches and two, all week I have cut down to one a day at work and basically 4 or 5 or less each day. I'm even at 14mg. Well, tomorrow night I have decided to spend all weekend to just stop for good. I have bought cinnamon gum, got my coloring books (cuss words lol) and a mind set that I'm going to read the last few chapters of Allen Carr's book. I know this isn't going to be easy but his book put me in my zone to throw these away for good. Have you guys experienced a lot of withdrawal your first two or three days? I can't wait to blog about I quit before my quit day. I will probably stay close on here this whole weekend