Day 5

Blog Post created by SMTP on Aug 17, 2018

Checking in on my Day 5. I've made it longer before but didn't have this community. I couldn't do it alone. I can admit that now. I don't have cravings like have to have it, I have more of a twinge, like a few moments of feeling like..hmm something is missing from my life. Where is the "friend" I used to share these moments with? But smoking is not a friend, I know that. I read something on this site where someone described it so well..."pulling smoke down your throat, into your lungs and then blowing it out" won't solve anything. 


I have been thanking my heart, lungs, organs and body for being so good to me through all the years I have poisoned it with cigarettes. It allows me to climb mountains in Malibu and dive deep under the Caribbean sea where I experience the absolute thrill of seeing whole other worlds.  My body takes me for long walks in the woods and along the shore where I never feel alone. It loves intense cycling classes, yoga, playing tennis and badminton and dancing the night away. My heart and my lungs keep me alive through the night when I sleep and work tirelessly to renew me for each new day.


I have been thinking about this a lot now, with gratitude, and trying to forgive myself for taking this beautiful, strong body for granted for so long. Just felt like writing it I don't forget.