Day 6

Blog Post created by Rsuter on Jan 2, 2020

I think I missed a day. Guess I've been keeping busy, but I am still here. Now the early morning hours of my 7th day. So I'll have to catch up. Still out of town but probably heading home sometime in the afternoon. It has been a good day with a twist. I took a walk into an unfamiliar area that kind of landed me on the wrong side of the tracks literally. I ended up passing a discount smoke shop that I probably would've checked out a week ago. I have to say the habit is still there. I was tempted to go in had to make a conscious effort to pass it by. But pass it I did.. go me. Came back to the safety of my hotel and went for a swim enjoyed the spa again. Got to go out to dinner at my favorite sushi place here. I have to say i am ready to head back to my hiddy hole in the country. I Don't really miss city life. I was feeling a bit emotional again this evening trying to keep thoughts in my head from bleeding out. Ups and downs happy this morning all day really just til after dinner, kind of just came on. But I did well biting my lip. I didn't say anything just tried to reflect inward still trying to figure it out. Anyway, I went to bed early last night and tonight I woke up last night in time to listen to all the fireworks and very drunk happy people celebrate the new year which I stayed away from.. And again tonight just like last here I sit awake.