Day 5 cold turkey

Blog Post created by Rsuter on Dec 31, 2019

So I'm out of town on day 5 of my cold turkey quit. I am noticing things I hadn't before. Like my sweat smelled of ash for a few days my laundry isn't as fresh as I thought. Even after washing things I can still smell smoke and I just want to say ewww. Other gross things like my gassy tummy and hard terds. I have increased fiber eaten some Greek yogurt with probiitics went for a swim enjoyed the spa. Had a crave but didn't cave . Really, getting away really changed things up being somewhere I never smoked and around no smokers or smoke has really curbbed the cravings I think. And I thank my man friend for bringing me from the bottom of my heart. So, i get to end the year smoke free and start a new year a quitter. I am really happy and proud of myself right now.