Knowledge Is Power

Blog Post created by RoseH on Feb 17, 2021

I haven’t been online here for a while…  I am over two and one-half years quit, and I feel complete now, without a cigarette in my mouth!  I come here to basically help others because it helps me too.  In my opinion, the psychological effects of smoking are much harder to overcome than the physical action of drowning the cigarette!


When I look in the mirror, that person is the only one who can make the decision to quit smoking!  Quitting smoking is a mental and physical commitment!  Quitting smoking takes patience and learning and a strong will!  I truly had to believe that it was the best decision I ever made to improve my health!  And the only way those qualities become totally clear is when we fully realize that the addiction to Nicotine is as strong as someone who uses drugs, like Heroin!


I find it amazing that some new quitters become so impatient and constantly ask, “When will the cravings go away?”  Everyone is different…  How long did you smoke?  If you smoked for decades, how can you possibly think that you will be smoke free within a week, two weeks…a month?  Be realistic!  Now if you are like me, when I hit bottom, and I could not breathe…  What I am saying is, we all have to hit our own individual “bottom”, like a drug addict!  Because that is what we are!  When we finally realize we truly are an addict...  true progress begins!


If I can quit after 50 years, of smoking like a chimney, there are no excuses good enough to give up!


I wish you all a very happy and smoke free Tuesday, and let’s all keep our beautiful and precious quits!  Rosemary