The Key To Freedom

Blog Post created by RoseH on Dec 28, 2020

A cigarette was my “friend”.  There was or is no one on this planet that was more addicted to Nicotine than me!  I quit smoking on August 12, 2018.  I literally begged God to help me!  And HE did!  I am so much stronger and wiser because of this paramount decision!


The addiction to Nicotine is a hopeless and senseless state of being…  It brings to mind what H.A.L.T. taught me.  Whether I was Hungry, Angry, Lonely (Bored) or Tired, a cigarette was always my choice of action.  I grew quickly over the past two-plus years.


Never doubt your decision to quit smoking!  As the days go by, it becomes very apparent that smoking is NEVER a solution!  Smoking a cigarette gives us a false sense of being ok…  The addiction to Nicotine destroys our freedom and our health!


I still do think about smoking occasionally, but…  there is no doubt in my mind that I will definitely choose to quickly dispel that thought!  My life was miserable, and my health was declining!  It does get easier!  Make and keep the choice to abstain!  I promise you will never regret it!  I wish all of you a very happy and smoke free Monday, and let’s all keep our beautiful and precious quits!  Rosemary